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[WP] Impreza v2.1.2 – Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Bulion, 4 окт 2015.

3700 руб
116 руб

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1. Bulion
2. Ruslan42 3. kreyser 4. goodeller 5. Nataliya
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    1. Bulion
      Bulion Организатор складчин

      [WP] Impreza v2.1.2 – Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

      Impreza - Retina Responsive WordPress Theme

      Full List of Features
      • Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website
      • 5 Different Layouts of the Header
      • Focus on typography, usability & user-experience
      • Retina Ready & Fully Responsive
      • Extensive Style Options & Unlimited Colors
      • Built in drag’n’drop Visual Composer
      • Built in Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
      • Parallax Effect Backgrounds
      • WooCommerce Ready
      • BBPress Ready
      • Full compatibility with Contact Form 7 plugin
      • Full compatibility with Gravity Forms plugin
      • Advanced Typography Options
      • Over 430 Icons Integrated
      • Shortcode Generator
      • Slider Revolution Included
      • Quick Install & Demo Content Import
      • Translation Ready & WPML Optimized
      • RTL support
      • Code built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practice in mind
      • Animated Appearance of columns and images at any page
      • Easy-to-use Shortcodes: Accordion and Toggles, ActionBox, Button, Contacts, Contact Form, Counters, IconBox, Image Gallery, Latest Posts, Message Box, Portfolio, Responsive Columns, Separator, Simple Slider, Single Icon, Social Links, Tabs, Team Members, Testimonial, Video.

      Element placement, color combinations and animations are balanced to create the best web-experience at any modern device. We spent a lot more time than others on it, because we value the beauty in the details.

      Retina Ready & Fully Responsive

      Impreza theme provides responsive and flexible design. All page layouts works perfectly on all devices, from large monitors to mobile phones. All elements enhanced for Retina displays, so they look clean and sharp on modern gadgets.

      Fully Customizable

      Take the ready mainstream tools and add your Imagination to create a really top-notch website quickly and easily. You can customize layouts, colors, styles, fonts. Icons and much more within

      Built in drag’n’drop Page Builder

      We have adjusted and Incorporated Visual Composer plugin into our theme (you don’t have to pay extra $33 for the license). You can easily build unlimited number of layouts, because you can visualize what you will get at site page in the

      Comes with Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer

      The most popular and powerful Visual Composer addon now comes with Impreza as well (no need to pay additional $17). We also adjusted most of the elements to fit Impreza Just perfectly. Now your capabilities are truly limitless!

      Extensive Style Options & Unlimited Colors

      Impreza theme comes with 20 predefined balanced color styles. But you can go beyond them – adjust one of them or create your very own color scheme! Every color on the page can be changed.

      WooCommerce Ready

      Impreza comes with full WooCommerce support right out of the box! No need to mess with WooCommerce styling to fit your site perfectiy. Impreza will apply all required styles based on your design automatically.

      Forms Ready

      Impreza comes with a built-in contact form that allows to get in touch with you easily. And if you need something special. Impreza is fully compatible with free Contact Form 7 plugin and the premium Gravity Forms plugin.

      SEO Optimized Code

      Impreza was built using the proper HTML semantics and the best SEO practices In mind to provide the best interactions with common

      Advanced Portfolio Options

      Adjust column numbers. Indents between items. Item quantity and item ratio. Also you can turn on the special JQuery sortable category filters.

      Translation Ready. WPML Optimized

      Impreza is created with best translation practices in mind and already contains language po/mo files for easier translation. You can add/edit languages easily. In case you need to run multiple languages at once, the theme is optimized for the WPML plugin.

      Advanced Typography Options

      Love Impreza’s design, but want to adjust fonts? using our Options panel. Each font comes with preview, so you can be sure, that you have chosen right

      Image & Content Animations

      With Impreza you can animate almost every part of your content to attract your visitor attention to it You can also adjust animation type and delay to create different interesting combinations.

      Over 500 Icons Integrated

      Impreza comes with entire Font Awesome Icons set integrated. You can use them at IconBoxes. Single Icons, Tabs, Toggles. Accordions and many

      Shortcode Generator

      Impreza comes with 22 powerful shortcodes and a special Shortcode Generator for those, who by some reason doesn’t like the original Visual Composer.

      Slider Revolution Included

      We have not only Included Slider Revolution plugin Into theme files (you don’t have to pay extra $18 for the license), but also adjusted its style so you can create slides that will correspond overall Impreza theme design. You can create unlimited number of Sliders with help of this Premium Plugin.

      Parallax Effect Backgrounds

      Impreza supports HORIZONTAL parallax backgrounds depending on cursor movement and it also works on mobile devices depending on its position. You can easuly add parallax backgrounds to every page sections.

      bbPress Compatible

      Impreza comes with full bbPress support right out of the boxl Now you can have your own forum that looks amazing! Our personal support forum is based on It too.

      Unlimited Sidebars

      You can create any number of sidebars at the special section in Theme Appearance and use different sidebars on different pages.

      Handy Admin Area

      Impreza comes with a special admin area (Theme Options) that lets you do modifications without any code knowledge. Just change the options the way you want

      Quick Install & Demo Content Import

      Impreza is ready to use from the box. Quickly Install it via FTP or WordPress and after you One Button Click, Then you can add your own content on already designed pages.

      Easy Automatic Updates

      You don’t need to download updates manually and upload them by FTP. Simply setup your ThemeForest credentials, and you can update Impreza to the latest version by a single button dick. Simple is goodl

      Custom CSS Editor

      To add some extra CSS you dont need to modify core files. Just use the built-in CSS Editor in the Theme Options » Styling section.

      Custom Backgrounds

      Easily apply images and patterns to different parts of the website or separate sections. In sections you can also use and adjust the special parallax effect

      Boxed & Wide Layout

      You can easily switch the website layout In the special Theme Options section. Both layouts have their own proper responsive states.

      Professional Pre-Built Layouts

      Import the demo data and use dozens of pre-build layouts available on demo page. According to customer reviews it allows to obtain a wonderful website in an hour!

      Advanced Header Options

      Impresa provides you with over 30 different options to customize and adjust your website header. You can toggle sticky behaviour and search area, choose one of three header layouts and adjust lots of other settings.

      In 2013 one of our developers acted as a speaker on jQuery Conference, and received the personal testimonial from Dave Methvin, the President of jQuery Foundation.

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      Bulion, 4 окт 2015
    2. Bulion
      Bulion Организатор складчин
      Уведомляем вас о начале сбора взносов.
      Цена продукта: 3700 руб. Взнос с каждого участника: 116 руб.
      Кол-во участников в основном списке: 2 чел.

      Начало сбора взносов 6 Октябрь 2015 года
      Bulion, 5 окт 2015
    3. Nataliya
      Nataliya Складчик
      Здравствуйте! смотрю стоит отметка "куплено", значит если я сейчас оплачу вы мне вышлете его в течении суток?))
      Nataliya, 22 мар 2017
    4. Bulion
      Bulion Организатор складчин
      Здравствуйте!Всё верно!
      Bulion, 22 мар 2017
    5. Nataliya
      Nataliya Складчик
      спасибо, жду реквизиты для оплаты...
      Nataliya, 22 мар 2017
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