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Wedding Workflow Action Pack и Lightroom Preset Pack (BP4U)

Тема в разделе "Курсы по фото и видео", создана пользователем Лизок, 30 май 2016.

3600 руб
302 руб

Список участников складчины:

1. Лизок
2. timurik-mazurik
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
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  1. Лизок
    Лизок Организатор складчин

    Wedding Workflow Action Pack и Lightroom Preset Pack (BP4U)


    Экшены включено:

    • Perfect Exposure - Whether you need to brighten, darken, or reduce your highlights, this action will help you gain the perfect exposure!
    • Perfect Color - A staple to every photo is getting the perfect white balance, which couldn’t be simpler with this action!
    • Wedding Day Contrast - Contrast could be the perfect touch to every photo and it is super simple to add with this one click action!
    • Sharpen the Details - Sharpening your details up can make all the difference in your photo, especially in all those detail shots we so often take at weddings!
    • Sharpen Your Bling - This is a must-have action for all those ring shots!
    • Dress Details - Every bride wants the perfect picture of her wedding dress and it can be tricky to take that shot! (White isn’t the easiest thing to photograph!) Never fear! “Dress details” is here! This action will reduce the highlights to bring out more details and sharpen! It does it all at the click of a button!
    • Green Booster - If you have an outdoor wedding with a lot of greenery, this is a must-have action to make it pop!
    • Blue Sky Booster - A beautiful sky is the perfect backdrop to any outdoor photo, so enhance it with the blue sky booster!
    • Selective Color Pop - Pop each color individually to create a custom experience that will make your photo perfect!
    • Beautiful Bride Skin - Soften and smooth your bride’s skin to perfection with this easy to use action.
    • Too much grain - Sometimes in weddings we have to use a high ISO and we get grain! Sometimes it works and sometimes we want to soften it. For those times you want to soften it, do it quick and easy with this “too much grain” action!
    • Focus on the bride Vignette - Vignettes are always a great finishing touch to any photo to draw the eye into your subject!

    Креативные экшены:
    • Pretty Fix - Run a simple fix with a pretty all in one with this quick, easy to use action!
    • Perfect Pop - Make your photo pop and add some flair!
    • Gorgeous Lighting-Left - Add a little more light (from the left) quick and easy with this action!
    • Gorgeous Lighting-Right - Add a little more light (from the right) with this fun, creative action!
    • Depth of Field - Enhance your depth of field and give photos character with this awesome customizable action!
    • Bouquet Pop - Enhance color, increase saturation, and add a pretty tone all in one with this amazing action!
    • Vintage Wedding - Add a vintage flair to your photos quickly with “vintage wedding”!
    • Wedding Cake Perfection - Great for wedding cakes or any wedding shot needing a little “something extra”!
    • Blissful Delight - A creative edit with a little green haze and great tones!
    • Wedding Chapel - This creative edit adds a pretty pink-ish tone, warms up your photo, and adds the perfect amount of contrast!
    • Matte my day - A perfect matte!
    • Matte it pretty - A unique matte with a gorgeous tone!
    • Composite assistant - Need help doing some bouquet or garter composites or just looking to speed the process up? Look no further!
    • “I do” black and white - A high contrast black and white!
    • Special day black and white - A pretty matte black and white!

    Пресеты включено:
    • “I Do” Black and White - A nice black and white with some contrast to make a bold statement!
    • Special Day Black and White - A pretty matte black and white for all of you matte fans!
    • Blissful Delight - A pretty tone with some pop!
    • Blue Sky Booster - Boost your skies and make them super pretty with this blue sky booster!
    • Bouquet Pop - This creative preset will selectively enhance colors while adding a pretty pink tone to your photo!
    • Dress Details - One of the worst things to find out happened when viewing your wedding images is that you blew out the highlights on the wedding dress, which is very easy to do! Never fear! “Dress details” is here!!
    • Focus on the Bride Vignette - Every photo could benefit from a nice vignette that will help you draw your eye into the subject!
    • Green Boost - This is great for all those outdoor shots with lots of green in the photo!
    • Matte It Pretty - This creative matte is unlike any other! It’s a matte and tone all in one!
    • Matte My Day - This is a rich, deep matte.
    • Perfect Color - There are 5 “Perfect Color” presets that will help you achieve the perfect white balance! Great color is a staple to any photo!
    • Perfect Exposure - There are 5 “Perfect Exposure” presets to help you quickly achieve the perfect exposure in your photo. No matter if you are over exposed or under exposed, there is a preset in this bundle for you!
    • Perfect Pop - This gorgeous poppy preset will make your photos stand out above the rest! No more washed out photos for you!
    • Pretty Fix - This pretty tone and simple fixes may be all your photo needs!
    • Sharpen the Details - Enhance all the details in your photo with this simple to use, one click preset!
    • Sharpen Your Bling - This is the perfect sharpening for all those amazing ring detail shots!
    • Too Much Grain - We all know that sometimes weddings mean high ISO situations. Sometimes we just embrace it and it looks great! Sometimes it just isn’t working. For those times, be sure to use the “too much grain” preset to reduce it quickly!
    • Vintage Wedding - Looking for a vintage tone for your 1940’s styled bride? Then this is the preset for you!
    • Wedding Cake Perfection - This creative preset will be perfect for all of your photo needs, both wedding cake and fun shots!
    • Wedding Chapel - This is a fun, creative preset with a pretty pink tone!
    • Wedding Day Contrast - Every photo could use a little contrast boost! Boost it with one click of a button with this easy to use preset!

    Пример обработки экшенами:

    Пример обработки пресетами:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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