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Architect - HTML and Site Builder

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Нафаня, 8 окт 2015.

2000 руб
109 руб

Список участников складчины:

1. Нафаня
2. qwertyly 3. nagtanja181 4. 1111_МАРИЯ
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
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  1. Нафаня
    Нафаня Организатор складчин

    Architect - HTML and Site Builder

    Architect - HTML and Site Builder

    The Features

    • Text Editor- Double click on any text content to open a text editor where you can modify the text contents and apply and remove various styles to highlighted text.
    • Advanced Drag & Drop – no more trying to drag predefined elements by small handles, click element wherever you want and drag it wherever you want.
    • Documentation – In depth documentation included with architect will explain everything the builder is capable of as well as advanced stuff like adding your own custom elements.
    • Context Menu – Right click on any element to bring out the context menu with a variety of general options like moving elements up and down with more precision when drag and drop allows and options for that specific element like adding rows and columns to a table.
    • Fully Translatable – Everything from user interface to elements names is easily translatable via a user friendly translations file.
    • Interface that makes sense – annoyed by all the modals, panels and buttons you need to wade through just to change a font size on other builder? you’re in luck, we’ve designed architect so all the most used functionality is visible along with your current project and accessible without having to open a single modal.
    • Live CSS Editor – easily, visually and in real-time edit most of elements properties like padding, margin, border, shadows, backgrounds, text styles and more. Or enter css by hand via integrated css editor for maximum control of your project.
    • Publish or Export your project – Download your whole project, publish it to a remote server with a single click or simply give users a share link to render page on architect itself, moving to production has never been this easy.
    • Themes & Templates – no need to build everything from scratch use one of the pre-built templates to give your project structure and change it’s design with one of included themes.
    • Manage & Edit Images – Forget photoshop, upload, edit and include your images directly in the architect, no external programs needed.
    • Code Editors for Maximum control – have you ever been annoyed by this one thing you just couldn’t do with a drag and drop builder? No such problem with architect, drag and drop system is interconnected with code editors so you can modify html, css or javascript by hand and changes will be reflected in real time.
    • Flexible Elements System – – use one of over 40 elements included with architect (and more to come in free future updates) or easily create your own custom elements for ultimate reusability.
    • Preview – – easily preview how your project will look for users with a single click, no page reloads, no extra bars or wait time.
    • Undo Manager – – made a mistake or want to step back to a previous iteration? No problem, use the integrated undo manager to undo and redo action in architect.
    • User System –
    • – Users can register to architect and create their own unlimited amount of projects, themes, templates and upload/edit images.
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    Нафаня, 8 окт 2015
  2. Нафаня
    Нафаня Организатор складчин
    Уведомляем вас о начале сбора взносов.
    Цена продукта: 2000 руб. Взнос с каждого участника: 109 руб.
    Кол-во участников в основном списке: 2 чел.

    Начало сбора взносов 17 Октябрь 2015 года
    Нафаня, 16 окт 2015
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