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[WP] PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

Тема в разделе "Программы, скрипты", создана пользователем Telegram, 11 дек 2014.

1300 руб
40 руб

Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    1. Telegram
      Telegram Организатор складчин

      [WP] PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

      PrivateContent - Multilevel Content Plugin

      Очень крутой плагин для скрытия контента и управление ролями пользователей.

      Описание на (анг. языке)

      Organize your users
      PrivateContent takes advantage of the wordpress structure to let you create unlimited lists of users and restrict your website contents. To keep the integrity of the wordpress users, they are stored in a separated database.
      If with wordpress you have a small number of roles, here you make the rules. Having the ability to create user categories your customization capabilities are virtually unlimited. Each user can be assigned to one or more categories giving you the maximum flexibility possible.

      The plugin has got also some extra features to help you manage users with ease, such ascategory filter, data sorting and an internal search. Gives you also the ability ofdeactivate users, to keep them in the database but deactivating their accesses to restrict contents.

      Finally you can export user lists in Excel (.xls) or CSV format, or import them using a CSV file. Very useful for large external databases!

      Protect your private contents
      The plugin comes with an integrated shortcode wizard that allow you to hide private contents. It’s extremely simple and you can also hide more than one content for page or post.
      Assume that you want to show a gallery only at the user in one specific category, you have just to write:

      [pc-pvt-content allow="10"]
      [gallery shortcode]

      And the result will be like

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      Lock down entire areas
      Hide contents is not enough?
      You can also restrict completely entire areas of your website. Just check an option managing categories, posts or pages and everyone doesn’t matching those requirements will be redirected to a default page.

      Example: try to reach this page. If not logged, you’ll be redirected to the current one.

      Is possible also to extend the plugin to restrict custom post types and custom taxonomies with ease.

      Also menu items can be hidden using the option integrated in the wordpress UI. Be sure to be logged and check the PrivateContent submenu on this website, you’ll see the “Hidden pvtContent menu” item that before was not accessible!

      Finally you can lock the entire website with one click just checking a single option in plugin settings!

      Users private page
      With PrivateContent each user has got an own private page, created automatically. It is accessible through an unique page, where contents are changed dynamically to ensure the maximum security.
      Of course you can also choose to disable this feature for certain users.

      Registration form
      PrivateContent comes also with a super easy form builder to let your users register into your website.
      Choose wich fields to use and which are required, enable or disable the reCAPTCHAvalidation, customize the confirmation message and finally use it in your pages through a shortcode!

      Login methods
      PrivateContent offers you 4 different ways to implement the login form into your wordpress theme.
      • a built-in widget with an integrated login form and logout box (example in the

        Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      • Login form and logout box shortcodes
      • an inline trigger to append at the messages (as seen in the previous example)
      • API functions for the developers, to integrate it wherever in your theme
      Wordpress user system sync
      PrivateContent users can also be synced with wordpress users. What does it means?
      A mirror wordpress user will be strictly linked with the PrivateContent one: same username, same password, same e-mail.
      This turns into a huge advantage: not only users will be able to login through PrivateContent and Wordpress forms, but also to use WP-based systems. From a basic thing as post comments to more advanced ones like WooCommerce!

      [BETA] Also users private page can take advantages from the sync: is now possible to enable private comments to communicate directly with user.

      Everything without landing on Wordpress admin panel or seeing wordpress elements.
      Take a look at

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      screencast to know more

      Custom skin builder
      The plugin comes with three preset form skins (minimal, light, dark) to adapt itself to any theme immediately.
      But you can also create your own unique style: using your colors, setting fields borders and padding as well as border radius.
      Everything directly from an handy user interface and with few clicks.

      For example forms in live preview take color scheme from the minimal style, with a little touch of green on buttons to match with LCweb colors.

      100% Multilanguage
      PrivateContent is also completely translatable as well as its add-ons! You will be able to localize everything just creating your .po file or using WPML.
      The frontend is already translated in 14 languages! (Afrikaans (South Africa), Danish, German, Croatian, Spanish, Persian, French, Italian, Georgian, Dutch, Brazilian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish)

      Telegram, 11 дек 2014
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