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[WP] Massive Dynamic - WordPress Website Builder

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Нафаня, 2 май 2016.

4300 руб
134 руб

Список участников складчины:

1. Нафаня
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
  1. Нафаня
    Нафаня Организатор складчин

    [WP] Massive Dynamic - WordPress Website Builder

    Откройте будущее Wordpress!
    Впервые вы можете редактировать, кастомизировать и управлять всем на вашем сайте в одной красивой и мощной платформе!

    Massive Dynamic - потрясающая новинка!
    За 4 дня - более 100 продаж!

    Смотреть демо обязательно !!!

    • Live Website Builder – a powerful platform to create your website and take care of everything in one place. Massive Builder provides a rich user experience for everyone, whether you are a web ninja or a WordPress beginner, it helps you create any website quickly.
    • Unlimited Layouts – even if you want to create a website with 20 different layouts, you can do that with a few clicks.
    • Customizable Header Layout – change the position and size of logo, navigation and icons with drag&drop. Also you can set 3 different scroll behavior including move, don’t move and appear after
    • Fantastic Header Styles – choose from 15 different header styles with different options to create a unique website.
    • Unique Shortcodes – having access to more than 70 unique shortcodes means you can use Massive Dynamic for any website. Drag&drop shortcode in the page, double click them and choose your desired settings, press save and another beautiful section is ready! Also many shortcodes have different styles to fit in the design of different websites.
    • WooCommerce Ready – start your beautiful online store and sell your product in a professional shop.
    • Notification Center – for the first time and only in Massive Dynamic, smart phone’s notification center has come to web. Shop cart, search, latest portfolio projects and latest blog posts have gathered together in a modern and clean design.
    • Live Portfolio Resize – it’s not hard to put a project on spotlight. When you open the portfolio section in Massive Builder, you can choose the right size for each portfolio thumbnail with one click.
    • Demos, demos and demos – you don’t want to start building your website from scratch right? You can import more than 40 pre-made website with just 3 clicks to your host. Times saved, deadlines met and your day was great! We have created every demo website as if it was a real website for different professions and subjects.
    • Five Star Support Team – many of our good ratings come from our excellent support service. Our support staff will answer all queries as if it’s our own because we care about you and your site. We answer your queries in less than 24 hours. We also welcome customers feedback for new features.

    • More than $93 worth of included plugins such as Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, Master Slider and Go Pricing
    • Custom MegaMenu which gives you the option to use background images and icon fonts in your menu
    • Responsive and Retina ready
    • +1300 unique icon fonts
    • Advanced typography options for h1-h6, paragraphs and links in addition to +700 google fonts
    • Awesome Video tutorials which explain the installation and usage of Massive Dynamic step by step
    • Auto Update feature that helps you keep your theme and plugins updated
    • Professional Ajax search which displays the result when you’re typing
    • Section video background
    • Cool CSS3 animations for every unique shortcode
    • Awesome PixFlow Slider
    • 5 different blog post formats including standard, quote, video, gallery and audio
    • 3 pre-made portfolio detail layouts plus the functionality to create custom layouts
    • One page parallax feature for menu items in any page
    • Build with HTML5 $ CSS3
    • SEO optimized
    • Compatible with latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE 11 and 10
    • Left, right and double sidebar
    • Bootstrap column support
    • Basic child theme included
    • Exceptional user experience in website builder and elements design
    • Advanced footer options including columns number, design options, different styles and on/off option
    • 8 beautiful custom widgets including instagram widget, subscribe widget and more

    Последнее редактирование: 27 окт 2016
    Нафаня, 2 май 2016
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