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[WP] Love Travel - портал путешествий (совместимость с WPML и...

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Telegram, 29 июл 2014.

3000 руб
40 руб

Список участников складчины:

1. Yuranem
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
  1. Telegram
    Telegram Организатор складчин

    [WP] Love Travel - портал путешествий (совместимость с WPML и...



    Filtering system of travels with Booking (contact form for booking)
    Love Travel has a system of custom filter. In this way, the user can search the tour / trip in the best way. The filtering system search by destination, price, season, type and duration of the trip. You can insert your information in the taxonomies in order to customize your filter trips. The booking of the trip will be very easy for the user.
    Revolution slider
    Love Travel has the famous Revolution Slider plug-in included, you save $ 19.00! With Revolution Slider can create fantastic slides to show in the best way your destinations. You can submit your tours and packages that offer your customers. Revolution Slider also supports HTML5 video, Vimeo and Youtube, so you can put videos of the most beautiful places! Enter the best images in the slide in order to have a colorful and creative theme.
    Dummy data
    Inside the package you will find the contents of import. This way you can get your site as my demo in simple steps. Import content for the whole site (xml) contained in import theme options. Files for the slide and files for creating widgets. My advice is to follow the video on my youtube channel.
    Contact form 7 compatibile
    Contact Form 7, use this amazing plug-in to create your contact form. Forms of booking your travel and newsletter form. Thanks to the files you have already imported the forms present in the demo of the theme. To make the graphics prettier than I used retina icons and the various colors of the default theme.
    Responsive Design
    The website is responsive. I have chosen as the minimum resolution the resolution of the Iphone (320px) so you can see your content the best possible way in all most devices. With the grid system used by the theme, Love Travel fits the content in a very simple and uniform way for all devices.
    Retina icon and Meteo icons
    The theme is optimized for excellent viewing devices in the retina. I used the font icons retina awesome and the weather icons by Alessio Atzeni. The use of all of the icons is very simple and you can use them in any part of the theme. To make the most beautiful icons using icons with background colors in order to have more contrast.
    Menu – Sticky Main Menu and Left Menu
    he theme you can find the two menus to manage in the best way your content. You can customize the colors and you can choose to have the main menu Fixed (sticky) or have the menu “normal.” Use the side menu to display your promotions or the best destinations that you want to promote in your site.
    Jquery UI
    Many dynamic effects in “Love Travel”. Thanks to the library jquery ui can enter in a very simple way some effects as accordion, Tooltips, Progress Bar, parallax effects and many other effects. All the effects are very simple to make and you can get it by entering the relevant class. Import the contents of the demo and you’ll understand how to insert your own effects.
    Grid System – 12 columns
    I used the famous 12-column grid system. All the grids can be used for any shortcodes. In this way you can customize your layout as you like. The grid system is ideal to display the contents properly in all devices.
    And much much more
    You have different types of blogs. Choose the type of blog that you like. (left/right sidebar, full width and fullwidth centered) This theme uses the fonts from Google. This way you can change the font with simple steps. Many custom Shortcodes in this theme. Shortcodes for destinations, travel, tours and many other possibilities that you can discover by purchasing the theme. This theme is ideal for travel agency but you can use the theme for every kind of business. The theme is very colorful and can be used for Web Agency, Restaurants, Travel Blog, Music etc. .. Thanks to the plug-in you can create fantastic Isotope galleries with an impressive design and filtering systems. Love Travel uses various types of layouts to show off your photos. Select the layout you want.

    Стоимость: 3000 рублей

    Обещаю регулярные и своевременные обновления темы.
    Telegram, 29 июл 2014
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