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[WP][ClassiPress] Simply Responsive {CP} [Повтор]

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Telegram, 19 окт 2014.

3600 руб
40 руб

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1. fotodisenyweb
    Тип: Стандартная складчина
  1. Telegram
    Telegram Организатор складчин

    [WP][ClassiPress] Simply Responsive {CP} [Повтор]

    Simply Responsive {CP} - одна из самых достойных и продвинутых "дочерних тем" для ClassiPress 3.3 +

    Очень грамотные изменения и дополнения для сайта доски объявлений на ClassiPress (уже должна быть установлена), которые были специально разработаны, чтобы красиво отображаться (5 цветовых тем оформления) на мобильных устройствах с сильным акцентом на пользователя сайта. Нет ненужных трюков, мигающей анимации. Всё очень чисто, просто, функционально.

    NEW: Added expandable/Collapsable responsive Menu on mobile devices.
    NEW: Added no display of Refine Search when there are no ads or only 1 available ad in a category.
    NEW: Added editable function to control display of featured slider (will still duplicate ads as before if set to display less than 4 ads, but no longer displays non-featured ads).
    NEW: Added featured (Sticky) Ads on top of category and search results. Limited to the latest 3 ads, but adaptable with some instruction. Please note this feature is not retrospective. It will only apply to all featured ads from the day on installation.
    NEW: Added function compatibility with the “Critic” plugin.
    NEW: Added link for those that have the “Add to Favorites” plugin in the ad loop.
    NEW: Fixed Featured tab so that it now continues sorting on page 2 onwards.

    Larger ad images, retained on mobiles devices.
    Larger featured slider images, retained on mobiles devices.
    5+ Color Styles available (Default, Red, Blue, Green, Teal and Aqua).
    Google map moved from sidebar to main single ad page area for larger display.
    Login or register on the same page.
    No display of google map if no address is entered.
    SelectBox Dropdown styles retained on tablet and mobile devices.
    Collapsible/Expandable Sub Categories on the homepage directory and categories page.
    Moved ad images to appear before the item details on single ad pages when viewed on mobile devices.
    Made ‘Purchase a Membership Package’ button more prominent in users dashboard and profile pages.
    Ad images added to RSS feeds in Firefox.
    Auto-Filled username and email address into sidebar Contact form (when user is logged in).
    Supports multiple languages – classipress.pot file included. Simply use poedit to create your .mo file.
    Calls up the correct single ad image when sharing via facebook (compatible with AddThis plugin – not included). Must have facebook account set up and your own app ID number.
    Option to include Responsive Video Embedding for YouTube & Vimeo (see README.txt).
    Price Negotiable option (see README.txt).
    Added new 300×250 Sponsored Ads Widget.
    Added a new ‘Sale Pending’ option, for items sold, but subject to collection.
    Added ‘Featured’, ‘Sold’ and ‘Sale Pending’ label highlighters on Ads.
    Added ‘Sold’ and ‘Sale Pending’ ribbons to the featured slider (makes sense, right).
    Added ‘Go Back’ button on single ad and no ads found pages, which will take user back to the last page they came from.
    Added ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ link buttons within the same category on the single ad page.
    Added ‘Related Ads’ feature on the single ad pages.
    Added ‘Featured’ tab on homepage.
    Added preloader graphic to image uploads, so users can gauge upload progress.
    Added ‘Thank you for your order’ message to the order summary page.
    Added a redirection of successful sidebar contact form to a “Thank you for your email enquiry” page (see README.txt).
    Added featured slider to display featured ads which are relevant to the category being viewed on the category pages. Please note, you must have at least 4 featured ads in each category for this to function correctly otherwise ads (even non-featured ads) will duplicate themselves. This is a quirk of Classipress.

    Цена: 59$+2$ = ~ 3600 р.

    Один из повторов

    Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

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    Telegram, 19 окт 2014
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