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[Udemy] Практическая разработка проектов на CSS3, LESS, SASS и Bootstrap

Тема в разделе "Курсы по программированию", создана пользователем Telegram, 25 ноя 2014.

650 руб
40 руб

Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
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    [Udemy] Практическая разработка проектов на CSS3, LESS, SASS и Bootstrap


    What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 54 lectures and 10 hours of content!
    • Learn CSS design techniques
    • Learn to use LESS and SASS
    • Learn the use of BootStrap
    • Learn best development practices for CSS
    Be the front end wizard with this unique course from Eduonix. We bring together a curriculum where you will learn all the tips and tricks of CSS and HTML design while building ten awesome projects. It will help you master different aspects of front end programming and will show you all the best development practices. The following projects have been specially selected to be part of this course.

    Project 1 - Landing Page Design

    Description: We will create an HTML5/CSS landing page which will feature a header & footer, a list with image bullet points, an HTML5 form and a testimonial block. The page will be completely responsive and will adapt to any screen size by using CSS3 media queries. We will be using the Eric Meyers reset file as well.

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Web Forms, Lists, Reset Files, Responsive Web Design

    Project 2 - Responsive Tableless Calendar

    Description: We will create a web calendar page using HTML5/CSS. Unlike many calendars which use HTML tables for positioning and presentation, our calendar will use only CSS. The calendar will be completley responsive and will have a sub-layout for smaller screen sizes.

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Lists, Responsive Web Design, Table-like layout using CSS only, Box Spacing, Padding & Margins

    Project 3 - Pure CSS Image Slider

    Description: Most image sliders that you see around the Web are powered by JavaScript or a JavaScript library like JQuery. We will build a fully functional image slider with pure CSS. We will have thumbnails which when clicked, make the bigger image slide into place. We will use CSS animation/keyframes to achieve this.

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Animation, Keyframes, z-index & Positioning

    Project 4 - Transition Drop Down Menu

    Description: We will build a multi-level dropdown menu using CSS transitions for the dropdown animation effect. We will use just a bit of JQuery to dynamically add a div element

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Nested Lists, Responsive Web Design, CSS Transitions, JQuery

    Project 5 - CSS Timeline

    Description: In this project we will build a timeline using HTML5/CSS. This project will steer away from the common box-like layouts we see all the time. There will be points for years and events with descriptions. This could be used for many things such as professional/employment and personal/lifestyle tracking.

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Fluid Layout, Background Images & Positioning

    Project 6 - Tables with SASS

    Description: SASS is a CSS pre-processor that allows us to do great things like use variables, mixins and nested styles. We will create some pricing tables for web hosting packages

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Lists, Responsive Web Design, Fluid Layout, Installing, Configuring & Working With SASS

    Project 7 - CSS Image Gallery

    Description: We will build an image gallery with the help of JQuery. The layout will be styled with CSS and we will use JQuery for dynamic category filtering and image lightbox. We will also create a very simple logo in Photoshop

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, Fluid Layout, JQuery, JQuery Fancybox Plugin

    Project 8 - Animated Car

    Description: We will focus on CSS3 animation and keyframes to position and animate images. We will use an image of a car and make it appear to be driving down the street

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Animation, Keyframes, Image Slicing in Photoshop, Background Images & Positioning

    Project 9 - Animated Bootstrap Template

    Description: Twitter Bootstrap is the most popular HTML5/CSS framework available. We will be building a custom Bootstrap template along with some animation including scroll initialized animation using JQuery and CSS

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Animation, Keyframes, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery

    Project 10 - NewsLetter Design with LESS

    Description: LESS is another CSS pre-processor like SASS. We will be creating a smooth newsletter template for a restaraunt. We will implement LESS and use features like variables, mixins, nested styles and importing .less files.

    Features/Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Node.js Installation, Installing, Configuring and Working With LESS
    Стоимость: 16$ ~ 750 руб.
    Последнее редактирование модератором: 21 янв 2016
    Telegram, 25 ноя 2014
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