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[Udemy] Enhance Your Speaking Voice

Тема в разделе "Здоровье", создана пользователем Telegram, 1 май 2015.

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    [Udemy] Enhance Your Speaking Voice

    Enhance Your Speaking Voice

    1604 студента

    The sound quality and use of the voice is a fundamental factor in the lives and success of many prominent professional people. Far more so than many of us appreciate. Actors of Stage Screen and Television, Broadcasters, Politicians, Business leaders, Teachers, Clergy and many others, use their voices consciously and deliberately and to inform, persuade or entertain us.

    What many of us don't realise is that many of these people have worked very hard to master skills and techniques in voice production. Non-professional voice users may not earn their living through their speaking voice but, nevertheless, still want to create a positive and pleasant effect when they speak. You too can familiarise yourself with these techniques and learn how to use your voice to best effect.

    This course is a basic introduction to voice production and effective speaking. It explains the processes involved in speech and how we can use the speaking voice to best effect whilst taking care of this most valuable asset.

    Lectures are varied between audio, video and support text. Exercises and reference material are included.

    This course can be completed initially within 2 - 3 hours and that includes a basic familiarising oneself with exercises. This time would be average for an Introductory Voice and Speech Awareness session with a Voice Tutor.

    The course is structured logically and all lectures follow on and are discrete enabling the student to return to any section or lecture for skill reinforcement or revision.

    This course will benefit all voice users and of course anyone who uses their voice professionally - teachers, lecturers, clergy, managers and public speakers.

    Marina Deestan–Jones Voice, Speech and Drama Tutor, Actress Examiner and Assessor
    Telegram, 1 май 2015
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