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The NSHipster Fake Book (Objective-C) ENG

Тема в разделе "Книги", создана пользователем Telegram, 18 апр 2015.

1050 руб
40 руб

Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
  1. Telegram
    Telegram Организатор складчин

    The NSHipster Fake Book (Objective-C) ENG

    Fake Books are an indispensable tool for jazz musicians. They contain the melody, rhythm, and chord changes for hundreds of standards, allowing a player to jump into any session cold, and "fake it" through any tunes outside their repertoire. It's not sheet music, but rather the essence of tunes.

    Cm11 B9 B♭m9 A♭13 G13 and trade fours with the tenor...

    Programmers aren't all that different. Once you get the fundamentals down, it's really just about memorizing the APIs. Sure, you could read the docs, but nothing compares to the excitement of tinkering with code.

    That's the idea behind The NSHipster Fake Book: expanding your repertoire through concise code samples, with minimal explanation. It's about letting concepts click as you discover new licks you'd never thought to try. Just pick it up and start playing—no matter what kind of chops you have.

    In this book, you'll find over 200 code samples, ranging from the beginner and basic to the expert and obscure, across a variety of genres and use cases.

    От себя
    Отличная книга от мастеров своего дела! Очень подойдет всем, кто изучает Objective-C и хочет лучше в нем разобраться. Как написали сами авторы, все примеры можно найти в интернете или дойти к ним почитав документацию, потратив на это n-е количество времени, а можно иметь под рукой вот такой отличный справочник!

    Какие примеры можно будет найти в книге?
    Set List
    • Creating a Nonretained Object Value
    • Adding an Anonymous Observer to a Notification Center
    • Accessing Thread-Unsafe Objects from a Thread Dictionary
    • Converting a String to a Number
    • Converting a Number to a String
    • Implementing Indexed Subscripting
    • Implementing Keyed Subscripting
    • Using a Method that accepts an Error Parameter
    • Implementing a Method that takes an Error Parameter
    • Logging Class, Method, and Line Number Context
    • Key-Value Archiving & Unarchiving an Object
    • Archiving / Unarchiving an Object into NSUserDefaults
    • Creating a KeyPath from Selector
    • Adding an Item to the Keychain
    • Evaluating a Mathematical Expression
    • Decoding JSON
    • Encoding JSON
    • Getting the Name of the Device

    Language & Runtime
    • Declaring an NS_ENUM Type
    • Declaring an NS_OPTIONS Type
    • Creating String Representations for Enumerated Type
    • Adding a Property to a Category
    • Swizzling a Method
    • Determining the Type of a Property
    • Determining the Type of a CFTypeRef
    • Specifying the Availability of a Method
    • Hiding a Class
    • Hiding a Method
    • Ignoring Compiler Warnings
    • Determining the Current System Memory Usage
    • Getting the Current OS Version
    • Declaring a Constant Value
    • Determining Whether an Object is Null
    • Declaring an Argument or Parameter as Unused
    • Creating Variadic Method
    • Creating a Variadic Function
    • Overloading Functions
    • Determining if ARC is Available
    • Conditionally Compiling for iOS & OS X Targets
    • Determining if Class is Available for Target Platform at Runtime
    • Determining if Method is Available for Target Platform at Runtime
    • Determining if Function is Available for Target Platform at Runtime
    • Adding a Class at Runtime
    • Adding a Method to a Class at Runtime
    • Getting the Subclasses and Superclasses of a Class
    • Requiring Method to call super
    • Determining the Caller of a Method
    • Creating Variadic Formatting Method
    • Intentionally Crashing the Current Process

    Grand Central Dispatch
    • Dispatching Work Asynchronously to a Background Queue
    • Benchmarking the Execution Time of an operation
    • Monitoring Local File Changes
    • Creating a Singleton
    • Monitoring the Parent Process PID
    • Reading from STDIN
    • Monitoring Local File Changes
    • Dispatching a Timer
    • Cryptography
    • Encrypting & Decrypting Using AES-128 With PBKDF2 Key
    • Base64-Decoding Data
    • Base64-Encoding Data
    • Calculating MD5 Digest
    • Calculating SHA-1 Digest
    • Generating SHA-1 HMAC

    • Creating a Random Integer
    • Creating a Random Double
    • Creating a Random String
    • Creating a Random Date
    • Generating Random Bytes
    • Creating a UUID
    • Creating a GUID

    • Enumerating an Array
    • Enumerating a Dictionary
    • Creating a Mutable Copy of an Array
    • Creating a Mutable Copy of a Dictionary
    • Creating a Case-Insensitive Dictionary
    • Accessing Mutable Dictionary in a Thread-Safe Manner
    • Reversing an Array
    • Shuffling an Array
    • Creating a String from an Array
    • Filtering Objects in Array by Class
    • Computing the Sum of an Array
    • Removing Duplicate Objects from an Array

    Linguistics & Typography
    • Creating a Font from TTF / OTF Data
    • Determining the Current Language
    • Looking Up the Definition of a Word
    • Applying Foreground Color to an Attributed String
    • Creating an Attributed String from HTML
    • Getting Characters from a Character Set
    • Detecting Phone Number and Address from a String
    • Comparing Version Numbers
    • Finding Proper Nouns in a String
    • Calculating String Entropy
    • Formatting Strings
    • Determining the Language of a String
    • Concatenating String Literals
    • Determine if a String Contains Punctuation
    • Splitting a String into an Array
    • Determining if a String Contains a Particular Substring
    • Tokenizing a String
    • Squashing Whitespace in a String
    • Stripping Whitespace from a String
    • Getting the Small Caps Variant of a Font
    • Responding to Changes in a Text Field
    • Determining if a String is Empty
    • Determining if an Array is Empty
    • Determining if a Dictionary is Empty

    Date & Time
    • Extracting Components from a Date
    • Creating a Date from Components
    • Performing Calendar Arithmetic
    • Parsing & Formatting an ISO 8601 timestamp
    • Parsing & Formatting an RFC 3339 Timestamp
    • Determining if Device is Set for 24 Hour Time

    • Finding Application Support Directory
    • Finding Caches Directory
    • Listing all files in a directory
    • Creating a Directory
    • Recursively Enumerating all files in a directory
    • Finding Documents Directory
    • Finding Downloads Directory
    • Determining the Creation Date of a File
    • Deleting a File
    • Determining if a File Exists
    • Finding Library Directory
    • Writing a String to Disk
    • Sorting Files by Filename
    • Setting Extended File Attributes

    • Getting Directions Between Two Locations
    • Formatting a Localized Distance String
    • Searching for a Geographic Location
    • Creating Map Snapshots of Waypoints
    • Rendering Annotations on a Map View
    • Fitting a Map View to Annotations
    • Rendering Overlays on an MKMapView
    • Localizing Address Format of a Placemark
    • Describing a Placemark for a Coordinate Region
    • Creating a Custom Map Tile Overlay
    • Converting Degrees to Radians
    • Converting Radians to Degrees
    • Convert Radians to CLLocationDirection

    • Animating a CAGradientLayer
    • Splitting a CGRect
    • Ensuring that a CGRect is not on a Pixel Boundary
    • Generating a QR Code
    • Reading a QR Code
    • Creating an Image for a Swatch of Color
    • Cropping an Image to Face
    • Detecting a Face in an Image
    • Resizing an Image
    • Converting an Image to Data
    • Determining the File Type of Image
    • Applying a CIFilter on an Image
    • Rounding Corners of a View
    • Getting Color RGB Components
    • Lightening / Darkening a Color
    • Creating a Color from Hexadecimal String
    • Inverting a Color

    • Making a Request with CFNetwork
    • Creating a Bound NSStream Pair
    • Constructing an HTTP User-Agent
    • Determining the MIME Type for a File Extension
    • Setting HTTP Headers for a URL Request
    • Escaping URLs
    • Building a URL relative to a Base URL
    • Setting the Shared URL Cache
    • Making Asynchronous Network Request with NSURLConnection
    • Making Synchronous Network Request with NSURLConnection
    • Making Asynchronous Network Request with NSURLSession
    • Getting List of Network Interfaces
    • Monitoring Network Reachability
    • Validating an SSL Certificate
    • Adding a URL to the Safari Reading List

    • Determining the Current Device Model
    • Forcing Screen Orientation
    • Making a Device Vibrate
    • Implementing UITableViewDataSource
    • Implementing UITableViewDelegate
    • Using iOS 6 Styles for Standard Controls in iOS 7 App
    • Creating a Snapshot of a View
    • Determining if UIViewController is Visible
    • Removing Bounce from UIWebView
    • Removing Drop Shadow from UIWebView
    • Preventing Links from Being Tapped in UIWebView
    Telegram, 18 апр 2015
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