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Сборник книг по аквапонике

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    Сборник книг по аквапонике

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    Aquaponics is a revolutionary system for growing plants by fertilizing them with the waste water from fish in a sustainable closed system. A combination of aquaculture and hydroponics, aquaponic gardening is an amazingly productive way to grow organic vegetables, greens, herbs, and fruits, while providing the added benefits of fresh fish as a safe, healthy source of protein. On a larger scale, it is a key solution to mitigating food insecurity, climate change, groundwater pollution, and the impacts of overfishing on our oceans.
    Aquaponic Gardening is the definitive do-it-yourself home manual, focused on giving you all the tools you need to create your own aquaponic system and enjoy healthy, safe, fresh, and delicious food all year round. Starting with an overview of the theory, benefits, and potential of aquaponics, the book goes on to explain:
    • System location considerations and hardware components
    • The living elements--fish, plants, bacteria, and worms
    • Putting it all together--starting and maintaining a healthy system
    Aquaponics systems are completely organic. They are four to six times more productive and use ninety percent less water than conventional gardens. Other advantages include no weeds, fewer pests, and no watering, fertilizing, bending, digging, or heavy lifting--in fact, there really is no downside! Anyone interested in taking the next step towards self-sufficiency will be fascinated by this practical, accessible, and well-illustrated guide.
    Sylvia Bernstein is the president and founder of The Aquaponic Source and the Vice Chairman of the Aquaponics Association. She also manages AquaponicsCommunity.com, the largest US-based online community site dedicated to aquaponic gardening. An experienced speaker and internationally recognized expert on aquaponic gardening, Sylvia writes and blogs on the subject for the Aquaponic Gardening Blog, Growing Edge and more. Her inspiration is a large, thriving aquaponic setup in her backyard greenhouse in Boulder, CO powered by tilapia, catfish, and other creatures-that-swim.
    Стоимость 15.99$

    David Dudley, PE has invested years in aquaponics research, has owned and operated a commercial nursery for the past decade, is a professional licensed engineer, served as Construction Manager of the Oklahoma Aquarium, served as the Engineering Manager of the nation’s largest aquaculture caviar producing operation, designed a $5M aquaculture farm for white sturgeon, and currently serves as an aquaponics consultant. He has helped many others develop successful aquaponic operations of all sizes, and has now prepared this wonderful resource for the do-it-yourselfer, and for those that may not be able to afford a professional aquaponics consultant. This book (how-to-guide) consists of three very important sections: • Everything You Need to Know About Aquaponics •How to Set up & Operate an Aquaponic System of Any Size •How to Operate a Successful Commercial Aquaponics Business Within these sections you will be provided everything you need to know, in an understandable, easy to follow approach; so that you can enjoy environmentally-friendly sustainable farmed food, consistently feed your family plentiful healthy organic low cost food, and earn as much extra income as desired (the sky really is the limit). Best of all, this book will show you how to accomplish these objectives in the most efficient way possible. Aquaponics truly is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavor. Fresh Organic Vegetables and Plentiful Healthy Fish Feed Your Family Healthy Low Cost Food, Barter and/or Sell Surplus Beginning Basics to Operating a Profitable Commercial Business Everything You Need to Know about Aquaponics Expensive university courses and lengthy on-site training workshops that cost thousands of dollars do not provide as much valuable, comprehensive material, as presented in this a user-friendly ‘how-to’ book.
    Стоимость 8.95$

    The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Aquaponic Gardening is a comprehensive guide to aquaponic gardening, from choosing a setup to selecting fish and vegetables. In addition to everything one needs to know to run a healthy aquaponic garden and care for both the vegetables and fish, there are step-by step plans with photos for building different size systems. The expert author fully explains how to garden indoors and how to resize and move a garden inside or outside, depending on the season, to produce an abundant supply of edible, organically-raised vegetables and fish.
    Стоимость 12.99$

    Grow Your First Aquaponic Garden!

    In a bid to create the perfect sustainable food production system, aquaponics was born. This system has been adopted worldwide and used extensively. However, many people tend to take up this food production technique without having basic knowledge of what it entails. As a result, their systems flop and fail to perform to their expectations. This has prompted educational campaigns geared towards familiarizing the community with the practice.
    Aquaponics is a guide that is appropriate for every interested party, whether new to the practice, a pro or someone who has never had an interaction with aquaponics before.

    Here is a Preview of What You'll Learn:
    • What is Aquaponic
    • History of Aquaponic
    • What to Consider
    • Best Plants and Fish for your Aquaponic Garden
    • Assembling and Maintaining the system
    • And Much More!
    Стоимость 2.99$

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    Книги в электронном виде!

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