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Рисуем деревья акриловыми красками

Тема в разделе "Курсы дизайна", создана пользователем Telegram, 2 янв 2016.

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Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
  1. Telegram
    Telegram Организатор складчин

    Рисуем деревья акриловыми красками

    Обучающий курс от Craftsy. Профессиональный художник Питер Джон Рид (Peter John Reid) покажет как создавать красивые лесные пейзажи с деревьями.

    Lesson 1. Elements of the Tree 26:04

    Meet your instructor, artist and author Peter John Reid. Peter begins the lesson by showing a whole new way to look at trees. You’ll see detailed examples of how trunks, branches and canopies vary between species. In addition, Peter shares his tips and tricks for capturing the unique character of each tree.

    Lesson 2. Mixing Greens 24:01

    Learn the essential skill of mixing shades of green. Peter explains three important characteristics of color: value, saturation and hue. Next, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to mix varying shades of green on your palette. For added practice, Peter shows you how to make a color mixing chart. Peter also explains how different shades can create certain effects in your paintings.

    Lesson 3. Wet-in-Wet Blends for Backgrounds 23:26

    Discover how to set the stage for your trees with Peter’s versatile technique for painting skies and other background elements. Peter shows you his preferred setup and method for working with quick-drying acrylics. Learn how to blend wet colors into each other to create beautiful, smooth gradations. You’ll also see Peter’s technique for glazing and creating a partial wet-in-wet blend, perfect for painting beautiful sunsets or depicting mist on the water.

    Lesson 4. Forms in Groups 26:23

    It’s easy to get lost in all the details. In this lesson, Peter shows you how to simplify the process. You’ll get in-depth instruction on how to paint groups of trees and still achieve depth and perspective. Peter also shares his tips and suggestions for taking better reference photos. In addition, you’ll learn effective techniques for painting the basic shapes of trees before adding in splashes of detail.

    Lesson 5. The Watercolor Technique 19:12

    Practice a completely different style of acrylic painting. Peter demonstrates his watercolor technique using spray bottles to achieve an airbrushed effect. Discover the perfect technique for quickly covering large areas with vibrant color and texture and for creating canopies with ease. Learn how to seal and mount your finished painting on a wood panel.

    Lesson 6. Painting Tree Noise 18:13

    Learn how to paint trees quickly. Peter shows you his process for creating texture and “tree noise”—the feeling of massed trees, grasses and leaves—rather than painting trunks or stalks individually. Add layers of thinned color, then use a color shaper to scribble away the paint, using the underlying canvas to create the illusion of tree trunks. Along the way, pick up Peter's technique for changing the value of your colors to achieve atmospheric perspective.

    Lesson 7. Negative Painting 29:54

    Advance your understanding of negative painting as Peter shows you an impactful method for creating form quickly in a painting of a misty, tree-lined lake. You’ll also learn how to use negative painting for snowfields by covering areas of the foreground, mid-ground and background. Finish by adding luminescence to earlier works with patches of sky shining through leaves.
    2.5 часа HD видео, классные материалы, референсные изображения.
    Указана цена со скидкой действующей в настоящее время - 29.99$.

    Бонусом будут субтитры на английском языке.

    Telegram, 2 янв 2016
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