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[Повтор] (WES BOS) ES6 for Everyone!

Тема в разделе "Курсы по программированию", создана пользователем Telegram, 30 авг 2016.

4500 руб
49 руб

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    [Повтор] (WES BOS) ES6 for Everyone!


    ES6 is a major update to JavaScript that includes dozens of new features. With a focus on simplicity and readability, this course is an efficient way to find out what is new in JavaScript and most importantly when and how you should use it.

    What Will I Learn?
    The goal of this course is simple: greatly strengthen your core JavaScriptskills while preparing and updating you to write modern JavaScript.

    The course includes 19 modules that go through ES6 in its entirety. An exhaustive list of topics is cataloged below, but at a glance:

    • ES6 Easy Wins - New Variables, Scoping and Template Strings
    • New Language Features — Arrow Functions, Destructuring
    • New Iterables and Looping over data
    • What the heck those ...three ...little ...dots actually do
    • How to structure your JavaScript with Modules and NPM
    • Advanced Classes, Proxies, Generators, Sets and Maps
    • How to write clean and consistent JavaScript with ESLint
    • Proper tooling + bundling setup with Webpack
    • + So much more — Check below for a full listing of videos

    Who is This For?
    Almost everyone! Advanced JavaScript developers will be able to go through the course a little more quickly, but I've designed this course to be as approachable as possible.

    Some of the videos feature a review of topics that are a little shaky for some such as scoping, keyword this and prototypal inheritance.

    This isn't JavaScript from scratch, so if you are looking for a beginner course this probably isn't it. You should have some knowledge of functions, variables, Objects, Arrays and other fundamentals.

    • Those reliant on jQuery, looking to have a better grasp on the core features of JavaScript.
    • Existing JS developers who want to bridge their personal learning gaps and learn ES6 start to finish.
    • PHP & WordPress Developers looking to become stronger on the client side.
    • Anyone who wants to get better at JavaScript and learns well from seeing both fundamental and advanced concepts in practice.

    В курс входит:
    19 Модулей
    66 Видео уроков
    6.5 Часов

    Telegram, 30 авг 2016
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