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[Покер]Yolosaurus Goes All-in от mbml(Galvin Bay)

Тема в разделе "Покер, ставки, казино", создана пользователем Telegram, 12 сен 2015.

6800 руб
74 руб

Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
  1. Telegram
    Telegram Организатор складчин

    [Покер]Yolosaurus Goes All-in от mbml(Galvin Bay)

    Курс в себе еще содержит содержит:

    1. Donk-Betting the Flop (44 min) – Worth $20

    2. How to Improve your Game (2 hr 35 min) – Worth $60

    Экономия на лицо 3 курса за $99.

    Кто возьмется за организацию?

    In 2014, Daniel (Yolosaurus), who is a good friend of mine, approached me for advice on how to play poker professionally. Deep down, he had always admired the level of financial freedom and autonomy that I was enjoying and wanted to experience the same things for himself upon graduating from university.

    Daniel bombarded me with a bunch of questions regarding beginner strategy.

    • What books should I study?
    • Which videos should I watch?
    • What concepts should I focus on?
    • What limits should I play?
    • How do I play “tricky” hands such as JJ and TT?
    • How should I manage my bankroll?
    • Should I get private coaching?
    • Where should I learn poker strategy from?
    Looking back to 2009 when I first started, there was simply too much information and material scattered all over the Internet. Hundreds of poker books have been published, and poker coaches have collectively produced thousands of training videos. Advice from forum members were often conflicting and not very useful (“Just play tight and value-bet with strong hands”). I had to sieve through hundreds of forum posts, read countless poker books, and watch numerous strategy videos from training sites.

    Despite my best efforts, I struggled early on to beat the games at a high win-rate. During the first two years of my poker career, I went through 3 huge downswings as well as many smaller ones. It was extremely frustrating to see all my efforts go to waste. Every losing month erased the hard work from the previous month and represented a huge delay in achieving the goals that I have set for myself. I was stuck in the abyss of micro-stakes for a really long time.

    I was feeling completely helpless and very desperate, after having spent hundreds of dollars on private coaching with many mediocre coaches, and failing to get the results I wanted. It was only when I eventually found a good mentor that things started to change for the better. He offered many fresh perspectives on poker strategy and taught me many things that I would otherwise have taken 5X the amount of time needed to learn them on my own.

    It was only after years of mediocre results that I finally figured out the secret to making consistent profits at the poker tables. What were some of the key takeaways that I learnt from my mentor?

    • Poker players should focus on strategy, not tactics
      This is one of the greatest reasons why you’ll often see many micro-stakes players misapplying what they learnt from poker on TV or from high-stakes training videos. They may watch a video about 3-betting light and end up 3-betting suited connectors every single time, without any regard for the situation or the player they are up against.
    • Fundamentals are important
      I was playing “blind” for the first 2 years of my career, with very little knowledge about the Math and theory behind poker. This put me at a huge disadvantage against my stronger peers who were crushing the small stakes games.
    • Building a game-plan is important, especially if you are playing many tables
      When I first started out playing poker, I was already playing up to 24-tables at once. Yet, I did not really have a solid game-plan for most common Preflop and Flop situations. This slowed down my decision making progress significantly and I timed out on a regular basis which ate significantly into my win-rate. If I had automated many of my basic decisions off the tables, this problem would have easily been addressed.
    If I could do this over again, the very first thing I would have done is to seek out a good mid or high stakes coach and negotiate a coaching-for-profits deal to greatly accelerate my learning.

    Currently, Daniel is lucky enough to have someone who can coach him and guide him along the way. But when I first started, I had no one to turn to for help. I am positive that many of you are in the same situation that I was in years ago. But now with Yolosaurus Goes All-in, that no longer has to be the case. In this course, we focus heavily on overall strategy and constructing robust game-plans for the most common Preflop, Flop and Turn situations. I made it a point to record down almost everything that I taught Daniel. Everytime we had a coaching session, we would record it as material for this course. You can see the immediate results this had on his win-rate.


    Overall NL2 graph


    Overall NL2 results (note the huge mistake buying in for 200+bb at regular tables and overplaying hands)


    January Results

    Everyone could use a good mentor. Let me help you achieve your dreams of moving up the limits and making more money, regardless of whether you are playing poker merely as a profitable hobby, or intend to become a full-time professional.

    Who are we?
    Galvin has been playing online poker professionally since 2009 and has attained the coveted Supernova Elite status at Pokerstars twice in 2013 and 2014. He has produced more than a hundred hours worth of strategy content for Pokerstrategy.com as well as his own website. He has also written several books and produced numerous courses about poker strategy.

    Daniel graduated in 2014 and is awaiting the start of his regular office job in consulting later on in 2015. In the mean time, he has decided to take poker more seriously and has moved to Macau to pursue his dreams.

    What’s different about this course?
    As far as we know, there is no other course which aims to cover someone’s journey up the limits in such great detail. Unlike most beginner courses, which tend to be made by small stakes poker coaches who are not well-versed with Poker Theory, Yolosaurus Goes All-in is the first beginner course made by a high-stakes poker professional. I have battled against some of the best 6-max NL players at Pokerstars on a regular basis and have devoted a significant amount of time studying Game Theory and other relevant concepts to improve my game. You can rest assured that the contents of this course will stand the test of time and continue to remain relevant in the years to come, since they are based on sound theory backed by Math.

    Other courses often dumb down their content too much in order to make it more accessible for beginners. I strongly believe that this is the wrong approach to poker education and here’s why.

    • Most students end up having to relearn many things and rework their game as they start to face stronger opposition.
      In this course, we explain the reasons for some of the things we suggest, and inform the student about possible adjustments to make as they climb up the limits in the future. We try to strike a fine balance between keeping the material simple enough for our students, yet avoiding the pitfalls of an overly simplified curriculum.
    • Other beginner courses tend to force feed you with information to memorize and fail to explain the underlying theory behind common lines and bet-sizes. These courses focus too heavily on tactics without giving much consideration for the planning of one’s overall strategy and game-plan. In Yolosaurus Goes All-in, we will show you how to craft your own game-plan to suit different opponent types.
    Here’s what I mean.

    Example 1

    Other courses: You should 3bet QQ and fold to a 4bet, villain will always show up with the nuts here.
    Yolosaurus Goes All-in: You should 3bet QQ and fold to a 4bet at NL2, because the majority of players at this limit have an average 4bet stat of 1%, which probably means that they are only 4betting KK and AA. If this assumption is true, then 5betting QQ would clearly be a bad play, and flatting the 4bet would also be a losing play because set-mining QQ against such a nutted range is going to be highly -EV.

    Example 2
    Other courses: You should use the call20 rule to determine whether you can call a Preflop raise profitably and set-mine. Set-mining is very profitable at the micros because people always pay you off when you hit.
    Yolosaurus Goes All-in: You should not just automatically think about set-mining. We need to consider our opponent’s range first, and our implied odds if we do improve to a set with our small pairs. If our opponent’s range is extremely narrow (QQ+), then we should definitely be set-mining against such a range and folding on every flop if we fail to improve to a set. On the other hand, if our opponent’s range is moderately wide and does contain a reasonable amount of unpaired cards, then we should probably consider calling once on the Flop on a board which does not contain an Ace, King or Queen.

    Who is this course for?
    • Micro-stakes Players ($0.01/0.02 – $0.05/0.10) who are struggling to beat their current limits and have low win-rates
    • Live Regulars ($1/2 – 5/10) who wish to develop their theoretical understanding of the game to make them better hand readers and tougher opponents
    • Players with at least 50-100 hours of exposure to poker in various forms (playing, watching training videos, televised poker) and understand most of the common poker terminology used
    • People who love understanding the nuances of how things work
    Who is this course not suitable for?
    • Complete beginners with less than 20 hours of poker experience
      This course might be a little too advanced for the complete beginner as it uses a lot of common poker terminology. You might want to check out Pokerstrategy.com first and I highly recommend the free training resources provided.
    • People who are VERY WEAK at Math
      If you struggle to understand algebra, percentages and arithmetic, this course might be too difficult for you to handle. However, I do genuinely believe that the math involved is nothing too complicated to handle, even for a layman. With some effort to revise some of the math taught in high school and middle school, you should be able to get a grasp of the content covered in this course. Poker isn’t rocket science, but it does require some level of hard work in order to achieve success. Which brings me to my next point.
    • Lazy People
      This course requires some level of preparation and hard work from the student in order for him/her to reap the full benefits of the instructional material provided.
    So what will I learn?
    There are 6 core modules in the first season of Yolosaurus Goes All-in, with each module containing problem sets to help you revise and retain the concepts learnt. While we were building this course, Daniel mentioned to me that he was completely clueless about how to make use of poker software and tools to work on his game, which is why this course also comes with a wide range of bonus videos on how to use various Poker Tools and Software.
    I have extensively used Daniel’s experiences and struggles to create the most informative, step-by-step poker course that will give YOU no excuse for not crushing your current stakes. Because I am following him in his poker journey at every step of the way, this allows me to create content that addresses most of the problems that micro-stakes players are facing. In fact, in this series, you will find more than 5 hours of private coaching sessions between Daniel and I, whereby we discuss hands and mistakes he has made.

    Core Modules
    Module 1: Constructing Preflop Ranges
    Craft a robust Preflop game-plan that works well against most opponents

    • Opening ranges
    • Calling ranges
    • 3bet ranges
    • 4bet ranges
    Module 2: Framework
    Learn how to approach poker the right way, Equip yourself with the necessary skills to tackle most poker problems and Ensure your long-term success

    • Reasons for Aggression
    • Reasons for Passivity
    • Spectrum of Hands Theory
    • Risk vs Reward
    Module 3: Fundamentals
    Apply Math concepts to your game and boost your win-rate

    • Bet-Sizing
    • Probability
    • Combinatorics
    Module 4: Flop Play as the Preflop Raiser
    Utilize the advantage of initiative and overpower your opponents

    • Board Texture
    • Flop Bet-Sizing
    • Checking the Flop
    Module 5: Flop Play as the Preflop Caller
    Strengthen your defense against the Preflop Raiser

    • Calling with Marginal Hands
    • Raising the Flop
    Module 6: Turn Play
    Handle Turn spots with ease and Understand when to turn up the pressure

    • Understand how different Turn cards interact with players’ ranges
    • Bluffing the Turn
    • Semi-Bluffing the Turn with Equity
    • Playing Made Hands
    3 hr 47 min

    Advanced Training to Accelerate your Success
    In addition to the six core modules, you’ll also receive access to a dynamic library of Advanced Training videos covering a wide range of topics, including software tutorial videos and private coaching videos.
    Software Tutorial Videos

    1. Basic Functions of Holdem Manager 2
    2. Advanced Functions of Holdem Manager 2
    3. Pokerstrategy Equilab
    1 hr 14 min

    Coaching Videos

    1. Hand Review
    2. NL2 Video Review Part 1
    3. NL2 Video Review Part 2
    4. NL5 Live Session Part 1
    5. NL5 Live Session Part 2
    6. Galvin plays NL5 Part 1
    7. Galvin plays NL5 Part 2
    4 hr 54 min

    Bonus Videos

    1. Donk-Betting the Flop (44 min) – Worth $20
    2. How to Improve your Game (2 hr 35 min) – Worth $60

    With over 10 hours of high-quality strategy content crafted by us, jam-packed into an affordable course, Yolosaurus Goes All-in aims to be the definitive step-by-step guide for newer players looking to climb the limits and start crushing.
    After this course, you should expect to be able to …

    • Approach poker with the right mindset and framework
    • Formulate a basic Preflop Gameplan
    • Navigate common Flop and Turn situations in Headsup Pots
    • Use basic Poker software tools to analyze your game
    • Identify most common mistakes made by micro-stakes players
    This will give you a huge edge over your opponents in most low-stakes games.

    How much will this course cost?
    To be honest, if I were to go back in time and start my poker career all over again, I wish I would have taken a course like Yolosaurus Goes All-in. I genuinely believe some of the content in this course would have saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, and accelerated the growth of my bankroll. For these reasons, I do think that this course is heavily under-priced.

    But for now, Season 1 of Yolosaurus Goes All-in is available at $99.
    Here’s a quick overview of possible alternatives to this course:

    • 10 hours of private coaching with a small-stakes coach – $25-$75/hr X 10 hr = ~$500
    • 5 hours of private coaching with a mid/high stakes coach – $150-250/hr X 5 hr = ~$1000
      Most beginners starting out their poker careers are usually unable to afford private coaching. Yolosaurus Goes All-in is designed to be as effective as private coaching, at a fraction of the price.
    • 1-month access to a premium training site – $100
      Training sites are a cheap way of learning poker but the majority of training videos tend to be focused on live play, which does not offer a lot of learning value in my opinion. Yolosaurus Goes All-in offers highly structured lessons, designed to optimize play for micro-stakes games.
    • Skimming Poker forums, looking for free advice – $0
      Many forum members are guilty of giving bad advice and it is difficult to know what is right and wrong. On the other hand, you can be sure that the advice provided in Yolosaurus Goes All-in is trust-worthy and proven to work.
    Besides, all paying members will get access to a private Facebook group whereby I will personally answer your homework or poker related questions. This will certainly be a lot more valuable than receiving feedback from random forum members.
    Telegram, 12 сен 2015
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