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“Photographing Food” E-Book - Книга по фотографированию еду

Тема в разделе "Курсы по фото и видео", создана пользователем Telegram, 29 окт 2013.

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40 руб

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    “Photographing Food” E-Book - Книга по фотографированию еду

    Друзья, я предлагаю скинуться на продукт - Книга по фотографированию едЫ.

    Автор данной книги специализируется на съёмке с минимальным бюджетом на свет, но отличными снимками и гонорарами!

    If you have ever had an interest in food photography you have got to check out Taylor Mathis’ “Photographing Food” E-Book. This download includes all 8 sections that cover all aspects of food photography.

    Part 1: Window Light
    In this issue you will learn all about how a window lighting set up can create the perfect light for your images. Whether you are a novice just starting out, or an pro looking to add food photography to your portfolio, this issue has everything you need to get started! Some of the topics explored in this 37 page full color PDF are understanding shadows, differences between hard and soft light, how to build a table top reflector, how to build a counter top studio, an inexpensive solution to shooting at night, and much much more!

    Part 2: Color and Camera
    In the color portion of the issue, I will walk you through color theory! Through exploring monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and split complementary color patterns you will find new inspiration and ways to enhance your food photography. The camera part of the issue will show you how camera angles can enhance an image, shooting tethered to a computer will help your workflow, how aperture can be used as a creative tool, and how you can take a beautiful image with any camera!

    Part 3: Shooting at Night
    Have you been struggling with finding ways to create beautiful images of your food using artificial light? Issue 3 of photographing FOOD will address this problem! Both flash and continuous tungsten lighting are covered. For novice photographers on a budget, there are DIY solutions that you will love. For serious amateurs and professionals, I will show you some of my favorite light sources and modifiers to use while shooting with artificial light.

    Part 4: Ingredient & Process Shots
    Do you mainly take pictures of food as a finished dish on a plate? This final version of a dish isn’t the only mouthwatering shot of your food you can create! This issue will explore how your camera settings and lighting set-up can enhance shots of ingredients and cooking techniques! The 40 pages of Issue 4 will inspire you to explore shots before the food is plated.

    Part 5: After The Shot
    You have read issues 1-4 and learned how to take beautiful pictures of your food! In Issue 5 of photographing FOOD, I will show you how you can enhance those images in Adobe Lightroom® or Photoshop® to make them even better! In this issue, I will show you how to crop an image for its final use, add text to communicate an idea, tell a story with a diptych, and use the Tone Curve tool to enhance your images to fit your style!

    Part 6: Outdoors and Travel
    Hitting the road and shooting outdoors? Issue 6 has everything you need to know to take beautiful pictures of your food outdoors! Inside this 38 page full color downloadable PDF, you will learn about taking pictures at farmers’ markets, restaurants, picnics, your backyard, and much much more! From hobbyist to professional, there is something that every photographer can take away from this issue.

    Part 7: Backgrounds
    What you shoot your food on is just as important as the subject you are shooting. A well chosen background can tell a story, complement the subject, and make for a stronger and more powerful image! Paper, tile, wood, fabric, stone, etc… with so many options how do you choose? In Issue 7 of photographing FOOD, I will show you some of my favorite backgrounds that are readily available right in your grocery store. Feeling artistic and want a completely custom background? I will show you how I paint, stain, and even decoupage my way to beautiful one-of-a-kind backgrounds that are perfect for any type of cuisine!

    Part 8: Modifying Light
    This issue is all about modifying the artificial light that you learned to create in Issue 3. Throughout these 37 pages you will learn what lighting modifiers are and how they can be used to shape and change the quality and direction of the light you are creating. This issue focuses on modifying a single light set-up. From DIY set-ups made from an acrylic light panel to my favorite professional grade lighting modifier, this issue is filled with examples, tips, and techniques that any level of food photographer will love!

    Telegram, 29 окт 2013
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