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[Joomla] JomEstate PRO - компонент агенства недвижимости с...

Тема в разделе "Шаблоны и темы", создана пользователем Telegram, 14 дек 2014.

12000 руб
131 руб

Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    1. Telegram

      Telegram Организатор складчин

      [Joomla] JomEstate PRO - компонент агенства недвижимости с...

      Running a Real Estate Website has never been easier.

      JomEstate seamlessly integrates, and uses most of Joomla has to offer for best compatibility. Modular build creates multiple configuration options for most demanded requirements.

      Cascade Categories and Address
      Unlimited categories and sub-categories with images and descriptions. Multilingual Addresses with any deep levels.

      Gorgeous Look and Clear Layout
      JomEstate comes with nice and clean layout that can be easy customized. Views and CSS files are split into logical parts. Different layout can be set for each category.

      Agents & Companies
      Agents and Companies can manage their properties using personal Admin Panel. Detailed view statistics, listing promotion options will optimise sale and rent offers.

      Custom Fields and Groups
      Advanced Custom Fields creation, offers flexibility to create any content. You can choose between inputs, dropdown boxes, text, checkbox group, link, tabs and much more! Group can be easy displayed inside the layouts. Custom Tabs can be used to insert custom content using wysiwyg editor. Paid custom fields group for Membership Plans.

      Looking Sharp, Resizable Images
      Thanks to our image library, images are always sharp and great looking, you can change proportions easily, choosing from: 1:1 4:3 16:9 and set any width. You can adjust these settings at any time. Our Library is using cache so you can be sure that your website will run fast and smooth.

      POI Search, Street View
      Search nearby points of interests like schools, shops etc. POI search is real-time and you can search anything. Google Maps with Street View lets you explore places around through 360-degree, panoramic, and street-level imagery.

      Energy Class
      Based on this estimate an energy class on a scale from A to G is assigned to each building. A Class A building requires the least energy while a Class G building requires the most. Energy class is being presented with a nice looking 3d graphs.

      SEO Friendly & Rich Snipets
      We have put in great effort to ensure that our extension is maximum Search Engine Friendly. Listing titles are optimized, all URL links are SEO friendly. We have made sure all pages will be correctly indexed by search engines. Additionally each listing has its own SEO settings to adjust. Joomla Breadcrumbs is also supported. Rich Snippetsthe few lines of text that appear under every search result are designed to give users a sense for what’s on the page and why it’s relevant to their query.

      JomDirectory fully support multilingual content. All elements like Categories, Custom Fields or Addresses can be translated into any language. For non UTF-8 characters we are using Joomla URL aliases.

      Joomla Smart Search
      Search technology has improved considerably over the years since Joomla was first launched and yet the standard. JomDirectory uses this lighting fast Joomla Smart Search technology to give you search result quicker!

      Advanced Ratings & Reviews
      Reviews are very important for users visiting property, therefore our built in Ratings and Reviews has lots of advanced features including recommendations and likes. Build in captcha prevents spam. Users are being informed about review approval by email.

      Attachments With File Meta Data
      Unlimited attachments with file meta information including title, type, size etc. Two placement positions, under the main area or tabs. Control the uploaded file size or allowed files extension under Configuration.

      Powerful Front-End Administration
      Advanced User Panel with professional dashboard, statistics and membership information. User can control his listings, insert new, edit, publish, edit/insert reviews and lots more...

      Membership Plans
      Charge Users to insert content to your site! Create any number of Membership plans and link them into Joomla Groups. Lots of configuration options, allows to customise limits on each plan. Annually and monthly payments possible using PayPal.

      Detailed Statistic
      Цена будет уточнятся в зависимости от версии приобритения. Сейчас цена 200$ или 12000 руб.
      Еще есть необходимость отвязать шаблон, поэтому разыскивается опытный Организатор

      Также интересуют шаблоны компоненты и модули на WP или Joomla под сайт для агенства недвижимости с календарем брони. Не стесняйтесь, делитесь в комментариях наработками, варинатами.
      Здесь похожий по теме шаблон для WordPress

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      Telegram, 14 дек 2014
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