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[ICS] MySQL Migration Toolkit version Enterprise

Тема в разделе "Программы, скрипты", создана пользователем Telegram, 23 дек 2014.

1 руб
40 руб

(Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!)

    Тип: Стандартная складчина
    1. Telegram

      Telegram Организатор складчин

      [ICS] MySQL Migration Toolkit version Enterprise

      MySQL Migration Toolkit
      цена будет зависеть от курса доллара = 499 USD

      MySQL Migration Toolkit is a software pack to convert any data source to MySQL and vice versa. The product has high performance because it does not use ODBC or any other middleware software. Command line support allows to script, automate and schedule the conversion process. MySQL Migration Toolkit includes the following converters:

      [​IMG] Access-to-MySQL [​IMG] migrates MS Access database to MySQL server
      [​IMG] DB2-to-MySQL [​IMG] migrates IBM DB2 databases to MySQL server
      [​IMG] DBF-to-MySQL [​IMG] migrates DBase/FoxPro/Clipper (*.dbf) databases to MySQL server
      [​IMG] Excel-to-MySQL [​IMG] converts MS Excel spreadsheet into MySQL database
      [​IMG] MSSQL-to-MySQL [​IMG] migrates MS SQL database to MySQL server
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-Access [​IMG] converts MySQL database into MS Access format
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-DB2 [​IMG] converts MySQL databases into IBM DB2 format
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-DBF [​IMG] converts MySQL database into DBase (*.dbf) format
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-Excel [​IMG] converts MySQL database into MS Excel spreadsheet
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-MSSQL [​IMG] migrates MySQL database to MS SQL server
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-Oracle [​IMG] migrates MySQL databases to Oracle server
      [​IMG] MySQL-to-PostgreSQL [​IMG] migrates MySQL databases to PostgreSQL server
      [​IMG] Oracle-to-MySQL [​IMG] migrates Oracle database to MySQL server

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      [​IMG] migrates PostgreSQL database to MySQL server

      I purchased MySQL Migration Toolkit after purchasing another product from a different company which totally failed to do the necessary conversion. I'm happy to say that your converter has been admirable and SO useful - I've converted 2 big MS SQL databases to MySQL and another 2 smaller access databases to MySQL for another client. Thank you!
      Neil Wakeling
      DancingDog Web Design


      • All versions of Windows and Linux/Unix MySQL servers are supported
      • Converts table structures and data with all necessary attributes
      • Converts indexes, foreign keys and queries (views)
      • Option to filter data using SELECT-queries
      • Stores conversion settings into profile
      • Option to export data into MySQL dump file
      • Command line support
      • Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
      • Quick Launch
      • Full install/uninstall support
      • Unlimited 24/7 support service
      • 1-year subscription for updates


      • Does not convert stored procedures and triggers
      • Demo version converts only 5 records per table
      • Demo version does not convert queries/views and foreign keys

      MySQL dump file

      MySQL Migration Toolkit allows users to do indirect conversion and get more control over the process. Following this way, the program converts data into a local MySQL dump file instead of moving it to MySQL server directly. This dump file contains MySQL statements to create all tables and to fill them with the data.

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.

      to learn how to import dump file into MySQL database.

      A great program: small, very fast and it does exactly what it "says on the tin". It takes a set of .dbf tables and produces from them a source .sql file for MySQL. Easy, and no fuss or bother. The script can then reproduce the tables directly, or can be easily modified to add keys, indexes and the like. The support services also proved to be very responsive and effective when I met a small problem.
      Tony Hicks (about DBF-to-MySQL)

      Quick Lauch

      Once you stored conversion settings into profile you can run the program in Quick Launch mode. Just launch Windows Explorer and double-click on the profile description file with left mouse button. It will launch the appropriate conversion process loading necessary settings from the specified profile. Then you will be taken right to the screen with progress of conversion without entering all conversion settings.

      Try before you buy

      Still not sure the program fits your needs? Try free demo version with limited features. It will allow you to convert only five records for each database table. Test the quality of the demo and come back to place an order if satisfied with the results.

      Free subscription for updates

      As every Intelligent Converters product, MySQL Migration Toolkit is supplied with one year subscription for updates. It means that you will receive new versions of the software included in MySQL Migration Toolkit for free within one year. Moreover, you will receive all new utilities for migration from/to MySQL that will be released during your subscription period.

      Thank you for the amazing tool! I was struggling with ODBC and manually exporting my table. This wonderful utility makes it easy for me to schedule a Win7 task to do this, as often as it needs to be done.
      John L. Dove (about Access-to-MySQL)
      Business Management Research Associates, Inc.


      Intelligent Converters software is distributed through downloading from our server only. For online credit card purchasing select the desired software package in the table below and click the corresponding ORDER NOW link. To learn about alternative payment options please visit our

      Скрытый текст. Доступен только зарегистрированным пользователям.


      Basic Business Enterprise
      Command line support no yes yes
      Support priority low medium high
      Max.users 1 5 unlimited
      Subscription for updates no 1 year lifetime
      Price $99 $199 $499
      Последнее редактирование модератором: 22 янв 2016
      Telegram, 23 дек 2014
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